BCO Transgenic and Tissue Phenotyping Core Facility

Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu

About Us

Biocenter Oulu Transgenic and Tissue Phenotyping Core Facility is one of the infrastructures supporting research in University of Oulu. We have open access research services for both academic and other customers in their research and R&D projects. Our services are related to gene modified mice such as generation, cryopreservation, recovery and rederivation of mutant lines. In addition, we generate human and mouse IPS cells and isolate mouse ES cells. We also provide facilities and support for preparation and brightfield scanning of tissue samples for histological analysis (VisioPharm). BCO-Tg serves as the Finnish node of Infrafrontier/European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA). For submission and ordering for the EMMA mouse strains, please see www.infrafrontier.eu.

Services offered

Generation of GM mice
  • DNA pronuclear injection, CRISPR/CAS9 injection, ES cell targeting and morula injection.

  • Mouse lines cryopreserved by sperm freezing or embryo freezing.

  • Recovery of a mouse line either via in vitro fertilization (IVF) with frozen sperm or transfer of frozen embryos.
  • Rederivation of contaminated mouse lines either via in vitro fertilization (IVF) or transfer of morula stage embryos.

International shipments
  • Shipping and receiving cryopreserved GM strains.

Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells
  • Fibroblasts induced either by episomal reprogramming (human) or retroviral infection (mouse).

Isolation of embryonic stem (ES) cells
  • The 2i ES method is used to isolate and expand the ES cells from the requested mouse line.

Histology Services
  • Facilities for preparation and scanning of histology samples.
  • As a service tissue sectioning, necropsy or primary phenotyping. Hamamatsu S60 scanner is used for brightfield scanning of tissue slides.

Further information 

Reetta Hinttala, Ph.D. | Professor, Coordinator in Transgenic Core Facility
Phone: +358-(0)294-486135
E-mail: reetta.hinttala (at) oulu.fi

Anne Heikkinen, Ph.D. | Researcher
Phone: +358-(0)294-486133
E-mail: anne.heikkinen (at) oulu.fi