Electron microscopy image library of mouse tissues

with annotations of central and tissue-specific structures 


Building of this virtual electron microscopy (EM) image library on normal mouse tissues is initiated as part of an EOSC-Life project at the Biocenter Oulu Transgenic and Tissue Phenotyping, and Electron Microscopy Core Facilities, University of Oulu. The open-access, annotated EM image library presents educative reference information for researchers using gene modified mice as disease or pre-clinical models. By providing a deeper understanding of tissues at ultrastructural level, it eases and aids in understanding structural changes and related phenotypes in mouse models. 

Current images are from a 19-week-old male, C57BL/6J background, perfusion-fixed with 4% PFA through systemic circulation. Tissue pieces are post-fixed with PFA/glutaraldehyde, stained with osmium tetroxide and uranyl acetate followed by embedding with Epon LX112. Semi-thin sections are stained with toluidine blue (TB) and etched sections using H&E (hematoxylin & eosin). 120 nm sections are collected on silicon wafer, post-stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate, and imaged with Sigma HD VP FE-SEM with varying magnifications. 60 nm thin sections are imaged with Tecnai G2 Spirit 120 kV TEM. 

Images are aligned with Zeiss Atlas 5 software, exported and annotated with Browser-Based Viewer module. Images can be opened with commons browsers. Image sets with variable staining/imaging modalities can be viewed as Stack/Side/Tile views, preselected annotated Field of Views (FOVs) are found on the lower edge and Tools on the right for example to measure distances. 

Image data sets

TB – H&E – SEM (down to 10 nm pixel size)
                      SEM (down to 2,5 nm pixel size)
                          TEM (down to 0,1 nm pixel size)  


Left ventricle TB – H&E – SEM
                      Left ventricle SEM  


Kidney cortex TB – H&E – SEM
                      Kidney cortex SEM  


Liver capsule and central vein TB – H&E – SEM 
                      Liver capsule and central vein SEM                                                               


Bronchiole and parenchyma TB – H&E – SEM                                      
                      Bronchiole and parenchyma SEM  


Soleus longitudinal TB – H&E – SEM
                      Soleus longitudinal SEM
                                  Neuromuscular junction TEM                                     


Endocrine and exocrine pancreas TB – H&E – SEM                        
                      Endocrine and exocrine pancreas SEM  


Capsule, red and white pulp TB – H&E – SEM
                      Capsule, red and white pulp SEM  


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